Terms & Conditions

A broken or malfunctioning boiler system can waste both money and energy. At GoSouth Gas Ltd T/A Harrison Heating Services,  we provide premium quality boiler and heating systems, boiler service and maintenance that gives you peace of mind, by making sure your boiler system operates at optimum levels throughout the year. Annual boiler servicing and maintenance is crucial to general boiler maintenance. our services ensure optimum energy utilization and significant savings in monthly utility payments. The information provided here will explain exactly what boiler system products are covered in our agreement and what to do if you need to either make a claim, cancel or alter your terms on a product. Our heating products have been specially designed to provide our clients with high-quality heating to keep them safe and warm. The terms and conditions that have been included here will show you exactly what you need to know when it comes to what is covered and what is not covered in our agreement. 
It is extremely important the contents of the terms and conditions page be read carefully before you move forward with any agreement with us.


All persons must be at least 18 years old and be a permanent resident of the United Kingdom to be eligible for our services. Your boiler system has to be in good working condition when the plan begins and should be located in a home and not on a boat or mobile home.

Important Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to this service plan and is the responsibility of the customer:

  • You may have to provide us with all information we request when applying for our service plan.
  • The information you provide must not be false, misleading in any way or exaggerated.
  • The boiler/heating system must be owned by you.
  • The boiler/heating system must be for domestic use only.

Important Obligations

The following obligations apply to this service plan and are the responsibility of the customer: The customer (You) must carry out any and all required work to ensure your product is easily accessible and fully compliant with all the necessary safety standards and is safe to work on. You will be responsible for carrying out any repair work on the gas line before our services commence. At the time of the request for our services, it is up to you to notify us if any work on the boiler/heating system is needed. It is important for you to provide us with relevant certification (where applicable). We cannot provide our services until you have fulfilled these obligations. If the obligations mentioned here are not met and the terms and conditions are not followed by you GoSouth Gas Ltd T/A Harrison Heating Services will be forced to terminate your plan.

What Our Plan Includes

  •  Parts and labour costs, dependent on what care plan selected.*
  • No limit to a number of callouts for repairs covered in your plan.
  • Annual boiler service/safety check.
  • No excess to pay.

*Repairs for parts and labour up to a value of £1000.00 Inc. vat in one calendar year. If your boiler is deemed uneconomical to repair we may decide to contribute up to £1000.00 Inc. vat. Towards a similar new boiler instead of repairing it. Only boilers up to 10 years old will qualify, and it is the customer’s responsibility to prove the age of the boiler. The new boiler must be installed by us to qualify for the contribution.

  • Boiler up to 4 years old — 100 % of contribution towards similar new boiler.
  • Up to 7 years old — 50 % of contribution towards similar new boiler.
  • Up to 10 years old — 20 % of contribution towards similar new boiler.

How Our Boiler Care Plan Works?

For boiler cover silver and gold , it is required that you have an initial service and system check at a reduced rate (Boiler service £60, boiler + gas fire £100, oil boiler £90, all prices exclude vat) if accepted onto the plan. Certain works may be asked to be completed at customers cost (the charges of those services will be quoted beforehand and provided to you) before being included in this plan. Our engineer will take samples of the heating system water, the sample will be sent to an independent company for testing to find out if your central heating requires a power flush.
If a power flush needs to be carried out, or if the system needs an inhibitor, an additional cost will be incurred. You will be covered as soon as your first monthly payment is made, after the 2-week exclusion period. All monthly payments henceforth will be paid by direct debit. We reserve the right to not accept an appliance under the Silver or Gold care plans if the boiler is over 10 years old or some spares parts are no longer available.

Duration of Contract

Your contract with us begins for a 12 month period, commencing from the date of our acceptance letter, after your boiler/system has been inspected, and on a month-to-month basis, after the initial 12-month period, unless we or you use the corresponding cancellation rights. (Read Service Cancellation to find out more).

Our Service Plans

The Bronze Plan

Cost per month - £6.00

If you simply want your boiler to be serviced annually, then the Bronze Plan will be perfect for you.

The Silver Plan

Cost per month - £12.00

If the guarantee of your boiler has expired, but you do not require a cover for the rest of your central heating system then try out the Silver Plan. In this plan, you will receive our fast service and all parts contained within the boiler and labour covered along with the controls. You will also get annual boiler service and preferential rates on our other services that have not been covered.

The Gold Plan

Cost per month - £18.00

Under this plan, you can rest assured that you will be getting complete peace of mind if your boiler is no longer under guarantee. Under this plan, we offer complete protection for your boiler. Your boiler will be serviced annually. You can also take advantage of the other benefits of this plan, including preferential rates for all services not in the cover and a guarantee of quick service with all parts and labour covered.


Cost per month - £2.50 extra (Not available as an individual care plan package)

Our plumbing service covers the entire plumbing system of your home. This includes the repair of leaking pipes, joints, copper or plastic, leaking overflows, ball valves, isolation valves, toilet syphons, vent pipes, excluding sanitary ware taps, underground drainage and showers.

Care Plan Exclusions

The following will not be included in any of our boiler cover plans. GoSouth Gas Ltd T/A Harrison Heating Services  will not be held responsible for;

  • Any consequential damage or loss as a result of a defect in the existing boiler or central heating system.
  • Damage arising from the failure of water, electric or gas supply.
  • Re-pressurising systems or adjustments to time and temperature controls, bleeding radiators, re-lighting or resetting pilot lights.
  • Venting or balancing of radiators, removal of airlocks, refilling of radiators and topping up of the heating system after works have been carried out by you or other contractors.
  • Decorative parts, towel rails, consumer durables e.g. batteries, filters, gaskets, seals, fuses, oil nozzles, igniters, inhibitor.
  • Warm air units.
  • Heating appliances e.g. kick space heaters, school radiators, column radiators, dual fuel kits, immersion heaters, unvented cylinders, thermal stores, prismatic cylinders, custom cylinders and vented cylinders with a capacity greater than 140 litres, boilers with a heat output greater than 42 kilowatts and pipework greater than 28mm.
  • Flue replacement.
  • Pipes buried in walls or "built-in" appliances. We do not include the cost of getting to your appliance where your system is inaccessible due to a design fault.
  • Any defect caused by misuse, negligence, pests or third party interference.
  • Any damage or defect caused by lightning, frost, explosion, flood, storm, tempest, fire, impact or other extraneous causes. Any defect caused by negligence, misuse, third party interference or malicious or wilful action.
  • Accidental damage, e.g. nail trough pipe.
  • Descaling or damage caused by water scale deposits or corrosion.
  • Any blockages or airlocks in the system.
  • Any blockages or airlocks in the system.
  • The fabric of the building including any pipework and flues buried in it.
  • Any building work required for the investigation of faults and/or the following repair.
  • Any faults existing at the time of signing the contract that the customer has chosen not to rectify prior to signing.
  •  Removing asbestos associated with repairing the system/appliance. Asbestos must be removed before any further works can commence and a copy of the clean air certificate must be available to us. By law, the person/company who removes the asbestos must give you a clean air certificate.
  • Commencing/ continuing works where we reasonably consider there is a health risk e.g. presence of hazardous materials, infestations, harassment of our staff including physical or verbal abuse.
  • Any cost however derived from the delay in obtaining replacement parts.
  • Any cost however derived in the event that replacement parts cannot be obtained for any reason e.g. the parts are obsolete, and the repair cannot be completed.
  • The replacement of LPG regulators and hoses.
  • The replacement of fuel storage tanks.
  • Any operational defect caused by frozen pipework including the condensate drain.
  • Any bathroom fixtures and fittings, kitchen sink.
  • Taps, tap washers, showers, shower trays & shower pumps, water softeners and filters.
  • Water supply from the boundary of your home up to the stop cock.
  • Steel or lead pipework.
  • Upgrades to the system you want to improve your system or appliance.
  • Gas fire breakdowns/spare parts, glass fronts and  radiators on back boiler fires and gas fires and gas fires
  • Cooking appliances.


A charge will be made for any call-outs relating to the exclusions that have been mentioned above.


  • Payment is to be made by direct debit every month, a nominal administration will be applied for the credit card or cheque payments.
  • There is a 14 day exclusion period on any callouts after your care plan has been set up initially. Any repairs required during this exclusion period will be charged at standard rates.

Service Cancellation

GoSouth Gas Ltd T/A Harrison Heating Services  reserves the right to cancel your agreement if:

  • We find something wrong at the initial inspection or we are required to carry out further remedial work required to make the system conform to the gas current safety regulations and standards or correct concentration of corrosion inhibitor and this work is not carried out.
  • You do not make an agreed payment.
  • You have given false information.
  • We are unable to reasonably find parts to keep your appliance/system working safely.
  • We reasonably consider that commencing/continuing works represents a health risk.
  • Harassment, physical or verbal abuse of our personnel.

Your Cancellation Rights

You have the right to cancel the agreement at any time by calling us or writing to us. The agreement will continue on a monthly basis until we/you cancel the agreement. If you cancel within 2 months of acceptance on to the plan you will be charged at standard service rates for any works completed. No refund will be given for any unused period in full or part after cancellation by the agreement holder.

Yearly Service

After the initial inspection, your annual boiler service will usually take place during the months of April—August.

Spare Parts

We may not be held responsible for any delay in the provision of spare parts by suppliers and thus no compensation is payable should this occur. [Insert company name here] may supply and fit replacement parts and components which are adequate but not the same as defective parts. Spare parts will only be fitted where old ones are beyond reasonable repair. We will be the sole arbiter as to the condition of components.


One of our engineers will usually carry out any repairs needed, however, in some cases, we may authorise a suitably qualified contractor to carry out the work.

Appointment Access

We will require an adult over the age of 18 to be at the property when we visit on the agreed appointment time. If we cannot gain access or are obstructed in booking further visits to carry out repairs than we will cancel the agreement and cancellation charges will apply.


Plan renewal Before your current agreement ends we will write to you to inform you of any price changes or changes to the terms of conditions included within our plans.

Work access

GoSouth Gas Ltd T/A Harrison Heating Services shall not be responsible for any repairs which cannot be accessed and shall not be responsible for replacing decorations, carpets, cupboards, and floorboards etc. which may require removal for access.

Noisy boilers 

As boilers become older, for various reasons they may become noisy.  Where age is the sole reason for noise, we do not consider this a fault and it is not covered under the Maintenance Contract. A charge will be made for any recurring callouts relating to noisy systems, chargeable at current standard and weekend rates.

Moving home

You will need to inform us if you are moving home, we can offer you a care plan on your new home subject to a site survey and any remedial works if required carried out. Should we not be informed than you will be liable for cancellation charges. The new home owner of your existing property may contact us so that the benefit of cover can be transferred until the care plan expiry date.


We guarantee to make good on any faulty workmanship or faulty parts for a period of twelve months from the date the work has been carried out. You can also get advice about your rights from the Citizens Advice bureau and from Trading Standards.

Changes to These Terms & Conditions

GoSouth Gas Ltd T/A Harrison Heating Services reserves the right to modify or replace any information in these terms and conditions in order to:

  • Comply with the law, new regulations and codes of practice
  • Correct any errors that may lead to ambiguity.

The new terms and conditions will take effect from the date specified in a notice that will be released in advance of the amendments. If you do not agree with the changes, you are free to cancel the plan by notifying us within the timeframe mentioned within that notice period. The subject of a pro rata refund of any payments may be discussed with our representatives. [Insert company name here] reserves the right to finalise any agreement in that matter or to refuse.

Data Protection

GoSouth Gas Ltd T/A Harrison Heating Services  and our business partners will use the information you share with us to provide the requested service and for administration, which will include (the recovery of any amounts owing) market research, marketing, customer surveys, testing purposes, regulatory reports, and for the verification of your identity. Your information may also be shared with other members of companies, selected companies and third parties acting on our behalf. GoSouth Gas Ltd T/A Harrison Heating Services and our business partners may also use your information to notify you about new products, offers and services which may be of interest to you. This will include you being contacted by email, mail or telephone from time to time unless you ask not to be. You may also request a copy of your data which will be provided to you for a small fee. If you wish to change your marketing preferences or do not wish to be contacted for marketing, or wish to provide us with new details kindly let us know.

Definitions of Important Words

The following words appear in this agreement will bear the following meanings (not in alphabetical order).

  • Agreement: means this agreement incorporating the schedule and terms and conditions between ‘Us’ and ‘You.’
  • We or Us: Meaning the Company
  • Tenant: Any person’s residing in the property
  • Schedule: The Schedule attached hereto detailing the property to be covered, the Boiler(s) and the Fees as may be amended, or updated from time to time;
  • Safety Certificate: An annual safety certificate in respect of the boiler provided up to 14 days before the expiry of the current certificate.
  • Property: The property where the boiler is located as set out in the Schedule.
  • Heating System: Any part of the central heating system.
  • Fees: The monthly fees to be paid to ‘Us’ by ‘You’ in accordance with the service agreement.
  • Engineer: An Engineer engaged by us (Gas Safe Registered)
  • Commencement Date: Date on which this Agreement commences
  • Boiler: The boiler identified in the Schedule
  • Boiler Services: The annual service, including the provision of parts and labour.
  • Boiler Controls: Time control, motorised valves, water circulating pump, and room thermostat
  • Boiler Breakdown: An unforeseen malfunction of the boiler or boiler controls rendering the boiler inactive.
  • Annual Inspection: A safety and efficiency inspection of the boiler system and all components carried out annually.

With our service plans, GoSouth Gas Ltd T/A Harrison Heating Services offers complete peace of mind. We pride ourselves with providing all of our customers with personal and reliable services and boiler coverage.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.